Association patterns of seagrass with gastropods types in the intertidal zone of coastal waters, Suli village, Salahutu district, Ambon island

  • Hasan Tuaputty
  • Tri Santy Kurnia
  • Syahran Wael
Keywords: Gastropod, seagrass, , association


Seagrass beds play an important role in coastal aquatic ecosystems and are one of the tidal areas that are widely used by the community as a forum for the interests of educational institutions in research activities, conservation of various marine biota. Ecologically, the seagrass ecosystem acts as a shelter and a place to eat various marine biota, including gastropods. The purpose of this research is not only to explore the diversity of gastropods, but also to examine the interactions of gastropod species, both between the same species and between different species in a community of seagrass ecosystems. The diversity index calculation shows the diversity index value H = 3.982 > 3, this means that the diversity of gastropod species is quite good. The results of the basic analysis obtained the calculated X2 value of 0.656, > X2 table with a significant level of 0.05%. There is an association relationship between seagrass ecosystems and the types of gastropods that live in seagrass ecosystems in coastal waters of Suli Village, Ambon.            


Keywords: Gastropods, Seagrass meadows, Association


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