Author Self-Archiving Policy

The pre-print, post-print and publisher's version/PDF can be archived under the following conditions.

Author(s) may deposit and use the document as follows:

  • Author's Homepage
  • Non-Commercial Institutional Repository
  • Non-Commercial Repository
  • Non-Commercial Social Network
  • Non-Commercial Subject Repository
  • Journal Repository Website

Authors may share or post the version of the article that was submitted to the journal (pre-print) to the above resources, at any time, by adding the caption "This manuscript will be published in the journal CAPITAN Constitutional Law & Administrative Law Review". This does not count as a prior publication.

Final published article

When the article is published, the posted version should be updated with a full citation to the original of CAPITAN Constitutional Law & Administrative Law Review, including DOI. He or she will need to replace the submitted, accepted version with the published article version of CAPITAN Constitutional Law & Administrative Law Review, and can be used for a variety of non-commercial scholarly purposes, subject to full attribution under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

Exceptions to this policy include:

  • the systematic upload or collation articles across repositories,
  • copying or downloading documents for further distribution for a fee,
  • any use of the documents in conjunction with advertising,
  • any use of the documents by for promotional purposes by for-profit organizations,
  • any use that would confer monetary reward, commercial gain or commercial exploitation.

Please see copyright notice statement