Author Guidelines

JHPPK is a scientific journal which publishes article particularly conservation natural resource and environment. The JHPPK has been distributed to several libraries, forests, and environmental institutions in Indonesia. JHPPK published two series every year (April and October).

The manuscript can be written in Indonesian or English language and will be published as a written language. The manuscript which is proposed must be never published in other media. Here writing guidance of manuscript  :

  1. The manuscript as science writing based on research, literature study, essay, and book review.

1.1 Manuscript or research article must be linked in title, writer identity, abstract, keyword, preliminary, research method, result, and discussion, conclusion and a thank-you note, reference, and appendix ( if necessary )

  1. The title must be clear and maximum of sixteen words in Indonesian and fourteen words in the English Language
  2. The writer's identity includes the full name of the writer (avoiding acronym) and puts Arabic numbers respectively for the explanation about a writer (may more than one writer). The full address contains an institution, an institution with full address, telephone, and email which can be used to communicate quickly and easily.
  3. Maximum abstract 250 words, arranged in one paragraph, written in bilingual, Indonesian, and English language clearly, properly, and completely describe the content as whole article not resume.
  4. The keyword contains three until six words which reflect the concept that contained an article and arranged according to the alphabet.
  5. Preliminary (including reason or background of research, issue, purpose, a few of literature study and hypothesis if necessary, subtitle according to necessary.
  6. The research methodology is described in detail and clear (research location, tools and materials if necessary, research design, data collection technique, management, and data analysis).
  7. Result and discussion combined in one chapter. The table and picture could be combined or separated from this chapter within the explanation.
  8. The picture (photo, diagram, graph, and others) presented in black and white. The color picture will be printed in black and white.
  9. Reference arranged according to name and year. Be arranged according to alphabet surname writer within the form:

Journal: Authors, B.A., Authors D.C., Authors F.E. Year. Title of articles. Journal Name. Volume (Number): page

Example: Suriani, E.N. dan Razak, N. M.,  2011. Pemetaan Potensi Ekowisata di Taman Nasional Baluran. Jurnal Masyarakat Kebudayaan dan Politik Universitas Erlangga. 24 (3): 251-260.

Book: Authors, B.A., Authors D.C., Authors F.E. Year. Title of the book. City (include National Code based on ISO 3166): Publisher.

Example: Steiner, F. 2002. Human Ecology. Island Press. Washington DC.

PartofBook: Authors, B.A., Authors D.C., Authors F.E. Year. Title of articles. In: Name of Editor H.G. Title of book. City (include National Code based on ISO 3166): Publisher. page

Example: Nugroho, T. 2008. Atas Nama Hutan: Praktek Teritorialisasi Kehutanan di Indonesia. In: Suporahardjo, AB Setyowati, editor. Desentralisasi Tata Kelola Hutan di Indonesia. Bogor (ID): Pustaka latin. hlm 48-65.

Thesis or Dissertation: Authors BA. Year. Title of Thesis or Dissertation City (include National Code based on ISO 3166): Publisher.

Example: Rafika. 2011. Perencanaan Jalur Interpretasi Alam di Pulau Kapota, Taman Nasional Wakatobi [Skripsi]. Bogor (ID): Institut Pertanian Bogor.

1.2 Essay article/ research review (equal result) including:

  1. The title must be clear and written maximum of 16 words in Indonesia and 14 words in the English language
  2. The identity of the writer contains the full name of the writer (avoiding acronym) and put Arabic numbers respectively for explanation about writer (more than one writer). the full address of the writer contained writer institution, institution within full address and phone number, fax, and email which can be used to communicate quickly and easily.
  3. The abstract words maximum 250, arranged in one paragraph, written Bilingual, Bahasa and English language clearly, intact and completely describe the whole of contents not resume.
  4. The keyword consists of about three to five words.
  5. The preliminary must be without subtitle
  6. The amount of chapter adjusted with needs

1.3 The review book is a book published two years later. Article to book review consists

  1. The book title, author, publisher, publish year, the total of pages and ISBN
  2. Review contents


  1. The manuscript is typed one point five space in A4 paper within a total of pages minimum 12 and maximum 15, the letter is Times New Roman 12; use A4 paper within left margin 3 cm, top margin, middle margin, and right margin is 2.5 cm. At the beginning of the paragraph should be started with first-line indents 0,75 cm.
  2. The citation technique according to the author-date page (ADP) form with including the author's name and publication year with use in brackets for first and middle text, and the whole name and year put in brackets to end of text without coma.
  3. The title of the chapter is not written with numbers. The numbering of subchapter uses Arabic numbers (for instance 1, 1.1. and et cetera) to avoid using bulleting.
  4. The research graph send separately from the article that accompanied by the program name for arranging the graph and the original data (for instance graph or diagram from data tabulation using MS. Excel then this file needs to be attached as well)
  5. The articles sent to the forest small island through e-mail and carbon copy (cc) it to the
  6. The decisions for acceptance, rejection, manuscript loading will be notified to the writer bye written or with another media

The entry manuscript also loading process to the journal is the prerogative rights of editor and be a data bank to JHPPK journal as well can not be bothered.