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PAMERI (Pattimura Medical Review) have reference template using Vancouver citation. This style available in many of the most popular reference management software products such as: Mendeley, Endnote, Zotero, etc. Using the word processor plug-ins from these products, authors only need to select the appropriate journal template when preparing their article, after which citations and bibliographies will be automatically formatted in the journal's style. vancouver citation style includes in-text citations, numbered in square brackets, which refer to the full citation listed in the reference list at the end of the paper. The reference list is organized numerically, not alphabetically. It is not necessary to mention an author's name, pages used, or date of publication in the in-text citation.

Examples of in-text citations:

"...end of the line for my research.2"
"This theory was first put forward in 1987.23"
"Scholtzhas argued that..."
"Several recent studies2,3,5 have suggested that...."
"For example, see.2"          
Examples of citations for different materials:
Material Type
Works Cited

Book in print

Lawhead JB, Baker MC. Introduction to veterinary science. Clifton Park (NY): Thomson Delmar Learning; 2005.
Chapter in book
Meltzer PS, Kallioniemi A, Trent JM. Chromosome alterations in human solid tumors. In: Vogelstein B, Kinzler KW, editors. The genetic basis of human cancer. New York: McGraw-Hill; 2002. p. 93-113.
Article retracted
Liou GI, Wang M. Precocious IRBP gene expression during mouse development [retraccted in Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 1994;35:3125]. Invest Ophtalmol Vis Sci 1994;35:1098-9.
Journal article
Badyal DK, Lata H, Dadhich AP. Animal models of hypertension and effect of drugs. Indian J Pharmacol. 2003;35(6):349-62.
North Carolina. TBC rates per 100,000 population, 1990 [demographic map]. Raleigh: North Carolina Dept. of Environtment, Health and Natural Resources, Div. of Epidemiologi; 1991.

eJournal (from internet)

Pullen LC. Antibiotic Resistance Continues to be a Problem in Children [Internet]. Medscape. 2017 [cited 29 December 2017]. Available from:
Code of Federal Regulation Informed Concent, 42 c.f.r. Sect. 441.345 (1998).
The Law of Medical
Preventile Healt Amendements of 1993, Pub. L. No. 128-198, 108 Stat. 2227 (Dec. 18,1998).
Newspaper article (from database)
Lee G. Hospitalizations tied to ozone pollution: study estimates 50,000 admissions annually. The Washington Post 1996 Jun 21;Sect A:3 (col.5)
HIV+AIDS: the fact and the future [videocassette]. St. Lois (MO): Mosby Year Book; 1995.
Larsen CE, Trip R, Johnson CR, inventors; Nonoste Corporation, assagnee. Methods for producers related to the electrophysiology of the heart. US patent 5,529.567. 1995 Jun 25.
Badyal DK, Lata H, Dadhich AP. Animal models of hypertension and effect of drugs. Indian J Pharmacol. 2003;35(6):349-62.
Agustin P. Pengaruh Pemberian Nanokristal Kuersetin terhadap Gagal Ginjal Akut yang Diinduksi dengan Gentamisin [skripsi]. Padang: Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Andalas; 2017. 

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