VARIANCE: Journal of Statistics and Its Applications
p-ISSN. 2685-8738/e-ISSN. 2685-872X

Dear respected colleagues,
Statistics Study Programme, Pattimura University, invites authors to submit their scientific works to Variance: Journal of Statistics and Its Applications on Volume 6 Issue 1, April 2024. It is our pleasure to announce this journal is accredited SINTA 4.

Journal's scope: Official Statistics, Biostatistics, Parametric and Nonparametric Statistics, Quality Control, Econometrics, Business and Industrial Statistics, Demography, Time Series, Spatial, Data Mining, Computation Statistics, Actuarial Science, and other aspects related to Statistics and its applications and Actuarial Sciences.


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Contact: 085243401733 (Norisca) or 082193229395 (Yahya)