Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

The editor will review the submitted manuscript, which is called Initial Review by the Editor. The manuscript will be evaluated, whether the manuscript is suitable for ARIKA Journal based on focus and scope, article readability, and suitability with the manuscript templates.

Subsequently, the manuscript will be sent to at least one anonymous reviewer (Blind Peer-Review).

The anonymous reviewer comments are then sent to the corresponding author for necessary action and response.

After that, the editorial team meeting will propose a final decision on the manuscript.

Finally, the Editor will send the final decision to the corresponding author. The manuscript received is then followed by a copyediting and layout editing process to prepare a camera-ready paper.

Outcomes Review

Taking advantage of the feedback from the peer review process, the Editor will make the final decision for publication. The review process will take approximately 4 to 8 weeks. The decision categories include:

Reject - The rejected manuscript will not be published, and the author will not have the opportunity to send the revised version of the manuscript back to the ARIKA Journal.
Resubmit for Review - Manuscripts need to be resubmitted, but with significant changes. However, this requires a second round of review.
Accept with Revisions - Manuscripts will be published in the ARIKA Journal on the condition that minor or major modifications must be made. Revisions will be reviewed by the editorial team to ensure necessary updates are made prior to publication.
Accept - Manuscripts received will be published in their current form, without the need for further modification.


All correspondence regarding the manuscript must be addressed to the Editor-in-chief of ARIKA Journal and cc to Editor-in-chief will direct all correspondence to the main author; the main author is responsible for sharing communication with other authors. In addition to communication regarding review results, manuscripts received for publication may require additional correspondence to complete copyediting and layout editing.