Author Fees

Author fees / publication fees / article processing charges (APCs)

In the context given, it is stated that authors who submit articles to the journal do not have to pay any fees at the submission stage. However, once an article has been accepted for publication, there is a publication fee of Rp. 200,000.


  1. No Submission Fees: Authors are not required to pay any fees when they initially submit their research articles to the journal. This means that there are no charges associated with the submission process, allowing authors to submit their work for evaluation without financial barriers.

  2. Publication Fees Upon Acceptance: Once an article has successfully passed the review process and is accepted for publication in the journal, a publication fee of 200,000 Indonesian Rupiah is applied. This fee covers the costs associated with preparing the article for publication, including formatting, editing, and other production-related expenses.

  3. Inclusive of Plagiarism Check: It's noteworthy that the mentioned publication fee includes the cost of a plagiarism check. This means that the journal conducts a plagiarism assessment of the accepted article to ensure its originality and adherence to ethical research standards.