Bakira Journal is a journal of Community Service in Pattimura University. In the local language, Bakira means hurrying or appliying the knowledge immediately, so there will be an enhancement of knowledge and skill in the community and be useful.  Bakira journal covers all fields of science (agriculture, fisheries, law, engineering, social and political science, basic  science,  education  and medicine).  The Bakira Journal will be published twice a year. The first publication began in June 2020 and the second publication in December 2020.

Bakira: Journal of Community Service is a scientific publication that focuses on reports, analysis and discussions regarding community service activities. The scope of this journal covers various topics and disciplines related to community service efforts, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Community Development: Community service often includes efforts to improve the quality of life of local communities through developing infrastructure, education, health, the economy, and others.
  • Education and Training: This journal may contain research and best practices related to education, training, or literacy in the community.
  • Public Health: This includes research and interventions that focus on health issues in society, such as immunization programs, health promotion, and disease prevention.
  • Environment and Sustainability: Efforts that support environmental sustainability, natural resource management, and environmental protection can also be topics in this journal.
  • Community Empowerment: This journal often contains articles about how community service can help increase community empowerment, citizen participation, and local capacity.
  • Arts and Culture: Some community service journals may highlight the role of arts and culture in community development and preservation of cultural heritage.
  • Technology and Innovation: The use of technology and innovation in community service, such as developing applications or information systems, can also be the subject of research.

Benefits of Publication on BAKIRA: Journal of Community Service:

  • Better Understanding: This journal allows readers to better understand the various community service efforts that are taking place in various communities. This can be a source of inspiration and learning for similar projects.
  • Dissemination of Knowledge and Best Practices: This journal provides a platform for sharing knowledge and best practices in the field of community service, so as to improve the quality and impact of these projects.
  • Support in Decision Making: Research in this journal can be used as a reference in making policy and project decisions at the government and non-government organization levels.
  • Increased Collaboration: By sharing research results and experiences in this journal, collaboration between academics, practitioners, and local communities can be improved, which can lead to more effective solutions to societal problems.
  • Inspire Positive Action: This journal can inspire more people to get involved in community service activities, because they can see the concrete benefits that similar projects have provided.
  • Program Evaluation and Improvement: Publications in this journal can help researchers and practitioners in community service to evaluate the effectiveness of their programs and make improvements based on published findings.

Bakira: Community Service Journal is published by the Pattimura University research and community service institute Based on the Decree of the Rector of Pattimura University, Number: 592/UN13/SK/2020, February 26, 2020.


eISSN 2746-1777