Synthesis of Binuclear Complex Compound of {[Fe(L)(NCS)¬2]2oks} (L = 1,10-phenantrolin and 2,2’-bypiridine)

Sintesis Senyawa Kompleks Berinti Ganda {[Fe(L)(NCS)¬2]2oks} (L = 1,10-fenantrolin dan 2,2’-bipiridin)

  • Yusthinus T Male Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, University of Pattimura-Indonesia
  • Helna Tehubijuluw
  • Paulina M. Pelata
Keywords: Paramagnetic complex, ligand, diamagnetic, binuclear, magnetic moment


The paramagnetic complex {[Fe(fen)(NCS)2]2oks} have been synthesized in methanol solution using 1-10 phenantrolin, 2,2 '-bipyridine, NCS- ligands and oxalate as bridging ligand. Synthesis of Fe (II) with ligands phenantrolin produced three complexes is paramagnetic compounds each with a value of magnetic moment (μ) of 5.98 BM, 7.34 BM and 6.00 BM, respectively. For complexes with bipyridine ligand complexes obtained two diamagnetic compounds with the magnetic moment (μ) was 3.57 BM and 3.50 BM, respectively. It could concluded that the field strength of bipyridine ligand cannot be reduced by NCS- ligand. Analysis results showing that the synthesized compound is a binuclear complex with {[Fe(fen)(NCS)2]2oks} molecular formula. This conclusion was supported by the measurement of conductivity, magnetic moment, IR spectroscopy and XRD analysis.


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Male, Y.; Tehubijuluw, H.; Pelata, P. Synthesis of Binuclear Complex Compound of {[Fe(L)(NCS)¬2]2oks} (L = 1,10-Phenantrolin and 2,2’-Bypiridine). Indo. J. Chem. Res. 2013, 1, 15-22.
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