Journal title : Journal of Goverment Science Studies
Initials : JGSS
Abbreviation : J. Ilmu Pemerintahan
Frequency : 2 Issues every year (April and October)
DOI : Prefix 10.30598 Crossref
Print ISSN : 2827-8461
Online ISSN : 2827-847X
Journal Manager
: Marno Wance, S.IP.,M.I.P
Chief Editor : Marno Wance, S.IP.,M.I.P
Publisher : University of Pattimura
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Journal of Government Science Studies (JGSS), published by the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), University of Pattimura, in collaboration with KAPSIPI (Kesatuan Program Studi Ilmu Pemerintahan Indonesia). Journal of Government Science Studies (JGSS) has been recognized with ISSN Online: 2827-847x and ISSN Print: 2828-8461. Its main purpose is to disseminate original studies by researchers, academics, and scholars on various governmental, social, and political studies on a national and international scale. The Journal of Government Science Studies (JGSS) is published in two volumes in a year, in April and October.

Focus and Scope: Decentralization, Local Government, Regional Autonomy, Public Management, Public Policy, Governance Ecology, Identity Systems, Digital Governance, Regional Financial Management, Good Governance.

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