Jurnal Laut Pulau (JLP) is a scientific journal in the field of tropical marine science and technology. We have aims and scope to focus on publishing good quality scientific articles for the dissemination of research results in the field of marine science. 


  1. As a media of information and dissemination of research results in marine science.
  2. Could actively and continuously disseminate the best research results to various stakeholders.
  3. This Journal of Jurnal Laut Pulau can improve the quality of research results and benefit stakeholders.


The article, published in this Jurnal Laut Pulau covers a wide range of research topics:

  • marine biology,
  • marine ecology,
  • biological oceanography,
  • chemical oceanography,
  • physical oceanography,
  • dynamical oceanography,
  • coral reef ecology,
  • marine acoustic,
  • marine remote sensing,
  • marine geographical information system,
  • marine microbiology,
  • marine pollution,
  • marine aquaculture,
  • marine biotechnology,
  • air-sea interaction,
  • ocean engineering,
  • coastal ecosystem ecology
  • blue carbon and climate change in the marine science perspective
  • dynamic of coastal and ecosystem ecology.