About the Jurnal

Community Journal is a collection of scientific publications and research results that focus on the study of Sociology. This journal is a forum for developing the quality of lecturers and researchers in other social sciences. Apart from that, it provides opportunities for lecturers and researchers in the social sciences to carry out scientific studies as an effort to develop sociological science in the era of digitalization. This journal also provides space for the public to gain knowledge from various scientific studies that have been published. Community Journal is managed by the Sociology Department, Faculty of Social Sciences, Political Sciences, Pattimura University

The Community Journal is published regularly in May and October, each edition of this journal publishes 5 articles. The scope of articles published in this journal discusses various topics in the fields of:

Socio-cultural, Urban Sociology, Rural Sociology, Sociology of Education, Sociology of Law, Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Gender, Political Sociology Economic Sociology, Family Sociology, Sociology of Island Communities

Community Journal has an OAI address: