Peer Review Proces

All manuscripts submitted to PARAMETER will go through Initial Review processes by the Editorial Board. Then, the articles undergo the Double Blind Review Process by sending the manuscripts to the peer reviewers . As soon as two or more anonymous peer reviewers completed their review, the editor make the decision of either accept, reject, or invite the authors to submit a revision.  If an Editorial Board member is an author or co-author of a submitted manuscript, the manuscript will be handled by another Editorial Board member without the knowledge of the author or co-author of the manuscript. This is important to ensure objectivity of the review process.  

The time required for the review process to reach a decision on a manuscript varies depending on the time it takes for reviewers to submit their reviews, authors in submitting their revisions, and the editors' decision. Editors can make decision at any time and will inform authors whether the manuscripts are required to make some revisions, accepted, or rejected. But usually, if the manuscripts are required to make some revisions, we ask authors to submit a revision within two weeks. We also ask our reviewers to complete their review in one to two weeks. However, we routinely offer additional time for authors and reviewers. For more information regarding this issue, you may check this page link: Author-guidelines

Furthermore, Makara Human Behavior Studies in Asia cannot provide any guarantee to publish certain manuscripts on a particular month and/or speed up the review process. The journal cannot provide any information whether the manuscript will be published on a particular month before going through the initial screening and the double blind review process. However, as an example, some of our fastest published articles went through the submission, review, and revision process in two to six months.