MANGGUREBE: Journal Physical Education, Health and Recreation, is the editorial name of the journal of the Health and Recreation Physical Education (Penjaskesrek) study program at the Teaching and Education Faculty (FKIP) at Pattimura University (Unpatti) Ambon. Mangurebe, is a term in the Ambonese dialect that is defined as "race", is an activity of complaining about speed related to skill, agility, and intelligence. In Maluku, mangurebe is a marine sports activity such as rowing a boat or arombai, which is in line with the culture of coastal communities aiming to catch fish in the sea. Then Manggurebe developed into a traditional competition for the people of the coastal country on Saparua Island since the time of their ancestors, with the title "Aromabai Manggurebe".

Now arombai Mangurebe is growing in Maluku province, even at the national to international level as the striped competition. Mangurebe is used as the name of the journal according to philosophy, where Indonesia is an area that stretches from west to east, with various differences, separated by sea. Likewise, the province of Maluku, with regencies and cities that are also separated by the sea, has various differences in character, abilities, intellectuals, skills, languages, and so on, but this diversity will be united through a spirit of competition to build the world of Education and sports, through various critical and scientific thoughts. .

MANGGUREBE: Journal Physical Education, Health and Recreation is managed based on the Decree of the Dean of the Faculty of Teaching and Education, Pattimura University Number: 365/UN13.1.3/SK/2022, Date: 07 June 2022. The Manggurebe Journal contains various critical and scientific thoughts, both academics and educators, practitioners, experts , health workers, physiotherapy, psychology, sociology, and industry, especially in sports. In order to be of high quality, each publication of the Mangurebe Journal involves bestari partners from several public and private universities in Indonesia. The involvement of bestari partners can provide satisfaction for writers and readers who use this scientific medium. The Mangurebe Journal is published twice a year, namely; March and September each year. Furthermore, manuscripts published in the Manggurebe Journal are presented in Indonesian, as well as English (in the title, affiliation, abstract, and keyword sections).