PUBLICUS: JURNAL ADMINISTRASI PUBLIK is published twice a year, in February and September. This journal contains scientific articles on public administration written in two languages: Bahasa Indonesia and English. The article is published in the form of empirical research or a conceptual or theoretical framework. This journal is published by the Public Administration Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Pattimura University.

 Focus and Scope

Original research or review papers on public administration, public policy, and sustainable development are published in the Journal of Public Administration. The purpose of this journal is to disseminate the results of research and scientific studies that contribute to the understanding and development of theories and concepts in science and their application in the field of public administration. For manuscripts originating from domestic and foreign sources, the publication requirements are never published or not archived in other journals. PUBLIC: PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIVE JOURNAL is managed by the State Administration Study Program, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Pattimura.

The topic of the journal will be related to this topic:

  • Pemerintahan (Governance)
  • Organisasi Publik (Public Organization)
  • Kebijakan Publik (Public Policy)
  • Pelayanan Publik (Public Service)
  • Manajemen (Management)
  • Etika Birokrasi (Bureaucratic Ethics)
  • Hukum Administrasi/Pemerintahan (Administrative/Governance Law)
  • Pengelolaan BUMD/BUMN (Management of Regionally Owned Enterprises/State Owned Enterprises)
  • Pengelolaan Sumber Daya Aparatur Negara (State Apparatus Resource Management)