Pattimura Excellence Journal of Language and Culture (PEJLaC) provides a forum for the full range of scholarly study of language and culture. The editors warmly accepts scientific writings in the area of:

  • Linguistics study
  • Anthropological Linguistics
  • Culture and structure of language
  • Culture and language development
  • Language, culture, and communication
  • Language, culture, and politeness
  • Discourse analysis and critical discourse analysis
  • Oral literature
  • Culture Study
  • Local Culture
  • Applied Linguistics

The Brief History of Review system in the Journey of PEJLaC:

[1]. The 1st Issue of June (2021) was by the use of a hybrid system of review based on the help of the integration of gmail-What's up (WA)-OJS3 system with all Indonesia authors from 2 different provinces

[2]. The Reformed issues were conducted since the changing of Editor-in- Chief (EIC) of PEJLaC from the former one to be Prof. H.I. Elim starting from the 2nd Issue of December (2021) up to present time.

[3].  Such reformed issues were already focused on the international journal requirements of at least 2 to 3 countries's authors in each issue.

[4]. The review process of the reformed issues from December (2021) to  December issue of 2022 was carried out by using a hybrid reviewing system with the help of gmail-WA-OJS3 system. 

[5]. Starting from June issue of this year 2023, PEJLaC has used 100% pure OJS3 system