Newly elected Editor-in-Chief (2022) of PEJLaC with e-ISSN: 2808-2265: Associate Professor Hendry Izaac Elim, Ph.D

URL (private ORCID ID):

The folowing is the list of our NEW team of work according to the decision of Rector of Pattimura university in 2022:


Editor in Chief (2021-2022): Felicia M. Lekatompessy, S.S., M.Pd

Section Editor  : Maria Nikijuluw, S.Pd.,M.A

Copy Editor      : 1. Monica, S.S.,M.Hum

                             2. Renata C. G. V. Nikijuluw, S.Pd.,M.Tesol

Proofreader     : 1. Hanafi Bilmona, S.Pd.,M.Pd

                             2. James Hukom, S.Pd.,M.Pd

                             3. Jeny Lekatompessy, S.Pd.,M.Tesol

                             4. Helena Rijoly, S.Pd.,MA.ELT

                             5. Inggrid Tanasale, Ph.D

Production and Publication :

                             1. Semuel Unwakoly, S.Pd.,M.Si

                             2. Dr. James Unitly, S.Si.,M.Si