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Long-Term Archiving

All articles published by Cita Ekonomika have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to provide guarantees to authors regarding long-term archiving. With the DOI, all articles in Cita Ekonomika will not be affected by changes to the URL currently used. 
DOI Prefix : 10.51125/citaekonomika  by 

Cost of Publication

All articles accepted after April 1, 2021, are subject to "Article Processing Charge" to provide free access to readers and to cover the costs of copying, typesetting, long-term archiving, and journal management. However, we give "Free APC" to authors from abroad or articles from Indonesia but include coauthor from abroad. See detail about APC

Frequency of Publication

Published 2 times in a year (May and December) 

Plagiarism/Similarity Checking

A policy of screening for plagiarism/similarity has been performed using iThenticate. See: Plagiarism policy