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Open Access Statement

GEOFORUM Jurnal Geografi dan Pendidikan Geografi ISSN: 2830-6899 adheres to the principle that all research is for the benefit of humanity. Research is a result of investment by society, and therefore its outcomes must be returned to everyone without limitations or discrimination, serving the community universally and transparently. Thus, GEOFORUM Jurnal Geografi dan Pendidikan Geografi provides free and open online access to all of its research publications. All articles that are accepted will be promptly available for free download on the without restrictions or charges.

GEOFORUM Jurnal Geografi dan Pendidikan Geografi understands that in this world, every individual has equal opportunities to seek, share, and create knowledge. We hope that authors will join us in embracing this concept of open access.

  Publisher: Geography Education Study Program, Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Pattimura University, Dr. Tamaela Poka Street, Ambon.

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