Sasi Dalam Menunjang Sustainable Ekonomi Masyarakat Adat Saparua

  • Jenny Koce Matitaputty Universitas Pattimura
Keywords: Sasi Sustainable Saparua


This study aims to reveal information about Sasi, which in fact has the principle of sustainability and balance of the relationship between humans and nature as well as humans and their creators, of course, in line with the concept of sustainable living. What makes this research unique is that it specifically supports a sustainable community economy. To find out how sasi supports the economic sustainability of the Saparua people, an in-depth study using qualitative research is needed. Interviews and observations are the methods used to collect data. After that, an interactive analysis was carried out. The results show that sasi can be implemented as a quality management of quality and economically valuable biological and vegetable natural resources products. In actual fact, sasi really helps every proponent of the economy, such as the selling price of natural resources of sasi is more profitable, because the harvest is abundant in quantity and has a higher selling value because of its quality


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