Daur Hidup Masyarakat Bumi Lale Di Pulau Buru

  • Nur Aida Kubangun Universitas Pattimura
Keywords: Life Cycle Community Bumi Lale Buru Island


The Bumi Lale community is a unique community and is commonly referred to by the coastal communities on the island of Buru as the hindquarters. They have traditional ceremonies in accordance with the life cycle and natural phenomena. This traditional ceremony is carried out from generation to generation. The purpose of this life cycle ceremony is safety by bringing a symbol of good hope and moral education as local wisdom rooted in past socio-cultural thoughts and senses. This article discusses the life cycle of the Bumi Lale people, which is one of the myths in their cultural life and is very much believed by the community, if they do not perform ceremonies in each life cycle it will bring danger to their village. The life cycle starts from pregnancy, birth, marriage and death.


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