Adat Wandalea dan Posambu Bagi Calon Ibu Pada Masyarakat Suku Buton Wally Di Dusun Kahena Negeri Batu Merah Kecamatan Sirimau Kota Ambon.

  • Wa ima Universitas Pattimura
  • Wa Nindi
Keywords: Wandalea Posambu Prospective Mothers


The problem that the authors examine is that the implementation of the Wandalea customs and posambu in the modern era in the adat implementation process is still in accordance with last year's implementation or whether there have been several processes removed to reconstruct the implementation of adat and discussions regarding the implementation of Wandalea customs and posambu and the values ​​contained in the process when the implementation of the adat wandalea and posambu included items and tools used at the time of the implementation of adat, the authenticity of the tools still remained or had been replaced with more modern tools compared to before. In the implementation of the Wandalea and Posambu adat there are several things that need to be considered in the implementation, there is no debate because currently the implementation of these two customs is still the same as last year, both of these customs were carried out only at that time. again There are some tools that are replaced with woven baskets that are shaped like baskets replaced with bamboo woven plastic bags that are no longer approved. The problem that I will examine is how the process of implementing wandalea and posambu as well as the objectives of carrying out traditional wandalea and posambu and values ​​contained in the process during the implementation of wandalea and posambu customs for the Buton Wally Tribe in Kahena Hamlet, Batu Merah, Sirimau District, Ambon City. Then to filter the data in the field the author uses observations and vice versa, observations are made to observe the process of implementing the Wandalea and Posambu customs and the impacts that occur if they do not carry out the process, while the author interviews with traditional leaders and community leaders in Kahena Hamlet, Batu Merah. The results obtained in this study, namely the Wandalea and Posambu customs carried out by the people of Buton Wally as a form of gratitude for the gift given by Allah SWT for the addition of new family members. Indigenous wandalea and posambu become an obligation that must be carried out for couples who are waiting for the arrival of new family members. The impact of adat wandalea and posambu when it is not implemented is that children born from the womb of the mother will experience disability, abnormalities and other adverse effects. It needs to be underlined, this traditional procession is carried out on the first child of a married couple and is not done for the next child.


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