RUMPHIUS Pattimura Biological Journal (RPBJ) welcomes scholars and researchers to submit their latest research for publication. Our multidisciplinary platform offers an avenue to showcase groundbreaking studies in various biological disciplines and biology education, including genetics, ecology, microbiology, and biotechnology, biodiversity, microbiology, zoology, botany, molecular, biosystematics, parasitology, behavior, bioinformatics and agriculture.
Join us in fostering scientific discourse and knowledge dissemination. Manuscripts are rigorously peer-reviewed and published online, ensuring a wide global readership. Seize the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of biological sciences.

RPBJ is published by the Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Pattimura University. Within 1 year RPBJ has 1 Volume and 2 Editions. Our board of editors come from various biological sciences who are active in national and international scientific publications, so they are able to carry out the review process in a fair and professional manner. Articles that are accepted will be published according to the specified time, namely in March and September and will be available free of charge to readers.