Author Guidelines

Authors are only allowed to submit manuscripts online, by first registering on REGISTER. Each article submitted is required to follow the general terms and conditions based on the Writing Guidelines made by the RUMPHIUS Pattimura Biological Journal, as follows:

  • Articles must be original and have never been published, and is not being submitted for publication in other journals.
  • Journal manuscripts are written in English with rules; Times New Roman (Typeface), font 11 (Size) with single spacing and one column.
  • Abstract contains introduction, objectives, methods, results and conclusions. Abstract consists of 150 - 200 words written in English with Times New Roman font type and font size 11. Keywords are typed in Italic, font size 9.
  • The author's name is written without an academic degree. If the manuscript is made by more than one person (team), then the editor will communicate only with the Single Corresponding Author.
  • Manuscripts are arranged into several sections, composed of: a) Introduction: Background, problem identification, research objectives, and research benefits. b) Materials and Method: Description of tools and materials in the research, work procedures, and analysis carried out. c) Results and Discussion: Contains research results or analysis results, and can be divided into several sub-sections. d) Conclusion: written at the end in paragraph form or separated and numbered. e) Authors Contribution describes all author role in the research or the manuscript preparation. f) Acknowledgments (if any): Contains acknowledgments to individuals, institutions or heads of institutions who played a role in completing the journal manuscript. g) References: can be sourced from books and scientific articles such as journals or proceedings, and it's managed by using references software manager (like Mendeley, EndNote, Zootero or compatible software).
  • The manuscript is typed using MS WORD with paper size A4 (210 mm x 297 mm).
  • Kindly, the author prepare manuscript for submission with an article template supplied.

The business process of journal was recommended to be conducted as follow: