Author Guidelines

Article is submitted to

The requirement of article:

  • Manuscript has not been previously published and no containing plagiarisms.
  • Manuscript is written either in Indonesian or English.
  • Manuscript is typed on Microsoft Word, double space, 12-point (12 pt) Times New Roman font.
  • Manuscript is typed on paper of A4 with margin text 3 cm from the top, 1.5 cm from the left and 2 cm from the right and bottom.
  • Title of the article should be written in Indonesian and English.
  • The authors are written without academic title, institution address and email.
  • Abstract is written in Indonesian and English (no more than 250 words). Abstract include aims of the research, method, results and discussion and conclusions.
  • Keywords is written in Indonesian and English about 5 words.
  • Introduction state the background of the important and the aims of the research,
  • Research Method state study site and time, data collection, and data analysis. Research method should be referred to the aims. Research method is not needed for review article.
  • Results and Discussion should clearly explain about research findings which could be presented in text/tables/figures. It also should explain the relationship and implication in Management of Aquatic Resources.
  • Conclusions and Recommendations. Conclusions explain clearly in short statement and covering systematically of all results analysis and discussion. Recommendation should be proposed to solve the problem or probably future research.
  • Acknowledgements (if needed)
  • References is written by authors name and arranged alphabetically. Some examples are used as follows:

Reference to a Journal

Neinhuis, P.H., J. Coosen & W. Kiswara. 1989. Community Structure and Biomass Distribution of Seagrass and Macrofauna in The Flores Sea, Indonesia. J. Nederland Journal of Sea Research. 23(2): 197-214.

Villerías-Salinas, S., Violante-González, J., García-Castro, N. and Alonzo-Guzmán, L. 2016. Environmental      Deterioration of The Tecomate Coastal Lagoon, in The Guerrero State, Mexico. International Journal of Geosciences, 7, 1-10.


Reference to a book

Longhurst, A.L & D. Pauly. 1987. Ecology of Tropical Oceans.  Academic Press, Inc.


Reference to a Proceeding

Tuhumury, S.F., L. Siahainenia, N. Chr. Tuhumury, St. M. Siahainenia, Pr. A. Uneputty, N. Chr. Tuhumury. Aspect of Reproduction as Basic for Lola (Trochusniloticus) Resource Management in Saparua. In Proceeding The 1st International Symposium on Marine and Fisheries Research: pp 179-182.


Reference to a Script/Thesis/Dissertation

Karuwal, J.W.Ch. 2000. Konsekuensi Lapisan Batas dan Turbulensi Terhadap Penempelan Larva Saccostrea sp.Pada Lapisan Kedalaman Air Berbeda di Teluk Ambon. Skripsi.Fakultas Perikanan Universitas Pattimura Ambon.


Reference to a Web

Fenner, R.W. 2000. The Physiology and Behavior of Color in Fishes.  (Online) 17 Februari 2007).



Table is presented in text and not figure. A caption should be written above the table using 11-point (11 pt) Times New Roman font whereas letters inside table using 10-point (10 pt). Additional information and sources should be written down below the table  using  8-point (8 pt). No vertical rules and shading.



Figure is presented in photo or graph with 8x14 cm. A caption should be written down below the picture using 11-point (11 pt) Times New Roman font.