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11/20/23, 9:54 PM

Yahoo Mail - RE: Journal Submissions Form
RE: Journal Submissions Form
From: Journal Review (
Date: Monday, October 30, 2023 at 10:59 PM GMT+9

Dear Febby J. Polnaya


Thank you for your submission form.


CAB International reviewed the publication: AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian


I am pleased to be able to confirm the title was deemed to be relevant to the CAB Abstracts and/or Global Health database and those articles that are within scope of the database will be selected for inclusion. Coverage will start from Volume 12, Issue 1, 2023.

We can access all the information we require for indexing purposes from the journal website so we don’t require any further information from you.


CAB International is a not-for-profit, international treaty organisation, dedicated to the dissemination of scientific knowledge. We produce two abstract databases in the applied life sciences: CAB Abstracts (agriculture, crop science, natural resources, animal and human sciences) and Global Health (dedicated to public health, food science and nutrition). Our organisation has a long established reputation in the applied life sciences, having begun indexing scientific literature in 1913. This extensive archive is currently being made available in electronic form.


We are able to promote the visibility of the indexed journal to global users of the databases worldwide. The CAB Abstracts and Global Health databases are used to identify relevant literature by Government and International agencies, academic institutions and commercial organisations worldwide. Global users of the databases can easily alert themselves to relevant articles in their area of interest, which in turn results in them acquiring the full text from the original source.

Kind regards


Julie Walker
Senior Accessions Assistant
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Dear Febby

Many thanks for your email.

It may take a couple of months before content from your journals is loaded on to the database. Currently, the Abstracting & Indexing database is hosted on the CAB Direct platform ( but CABI is in the process of migrating the database (along with other CABI products) to the CABI Digital Library. CAB Abstracts and Global Health will be hosted at the following links, respectively:


Please note that only subscribers have access to the database. If you contact me again in a couple of months, I can check to see if content from your journals has been loaded, and send you a screenshot from the platform.


Kind regards