AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian (AGRITEKNO: Journal of Agricultural Technology) [pISSN 2302-9218 and eISSN 2620-9721], was accredited within a period of 2017-2019. AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian is accredited again by the Directorate General of Strengthening Research and Development-Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education-Republic of Indonesia in 2020 for a period of five years starting from April 2020 with No 200/M/KPT/2020. AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian is jointly published by Pattimura University and the Indonesian Association of Food Technologies (PATPI) Ambon in April and October. AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian is a double-blind peer-reviewed publication devoted to disseminating all information contributing to the understanding and development of animal agriculture in the tropics by the publication of original research papers. The journal contains research results and scientific reviews related to food science and technology as well as nutrition. In addition, it also covers various technological package for industry, short communication, and other information including promotion and advertisement pertaining to the development in food science and technology from all researchers. The topics of research are not only in Indonesian but also in other regions of the world.

AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian as the open-access journal has been indexed by SINTA-Science and Technology Index, Garuda, Google Scholar, PKP, Base, Indonesian Scientific Journal Database (ISJD), and Crossref.

AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian has migrated from former website at since April 2017.


AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian Published by:
Universitas Pattimura and the Indonesian Association of Food Technologies (PATPI) Ambon


AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian Accredited by:
 Directorate General of Research and Development Strengthening, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia
Decree No.: 200/M/KPT/2020.


AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian Indexed by:
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Current Issue

Vol 12 No 1 (2023): AGRITEKNO: Jurnal Teknologi Pertanian
Published: 2023-04-30


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