Publication Frequency

Since 2019, BAREKENG: Jurnal Ilmu Matematika dan Terapan has published 3 issues a year. Every issue publishes in March, August, and December. Each issue consists of 8 (eight) articles. So the total articles in one volume a year as much 24 articles. However, at the first publication start from 2007 until 2018, the journal was published twice a year in March and December (2 issues a year), every issue consist of 8 articles, so the total article in a year are 16 articles.   


Editorial Address:


Redaksi BAREKENG: Jurnal ilmu matematika dan terapan,
Ex. UT Building , 2nd Floor,

Mathematic Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Pattimura

Jln. Ir. M. Putuhena, Kampus Unpatti, Poka - Ambon 97233, Provinsi Maluku, Indonesia


Contact us : +62 85243358669 (Yopi) and +62 82199014087 (Meilin)

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