Subscription (Hardcopy Order)

Would you like to receive a hard copy of our publications?

JUPITEK has a liberal policy to allow the authors and readers to order the hardcopies of any particular number/issue or volume (bundle) of the journal. The hardcopy initiative is a print-on-demand and a not-for-profit initiative. A minimal fees is applied to cover the printing, handling, packaging and postal delivery of the journal volume. To keep the process simple, Jupitek pricing is uniformly applicable over all the volumes.

Price of an Issue : IDR 300.000

The price included the printing, handling, packaging and postal delivery fees of the hardcopy to the address of the authors or subscribers (with Registered Mail standard).

Request for journal hardcopy can send an email to jupitek.mathedu@gmail.com bearing the subject line "Request for hardcopy".